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At iMedia Crafts, we like to solve problems and find innovative solutions. We believe in exchange of ideas and would therefore be happy to hear from you.

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    We are a UK based company operating since 1999. We also have office in India and work with partners in Switzerland and rest of Europe.

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    Why Choose Us?

    We take a holistic approach and our strategy is aimed at optimising what matters most to your specific business whether it’s increasing profit/ROI, reaching more customer or building brand awareness.

    We constantly collect and analyse data in order to build insights, improve User Experience, make marketing campaigns more effective and improve conversions on the website. We use advanced data analysis techniques including Machine Learning, Process Mining, Business Intellegence and Web Analytics etc.

    We have strong focus on ROI for our clients on every project and use technology and techniques that best fit the specific marketing objectives and business model.

    Our team of experts have years of experience in different domains and industries. We are therefore able to deliver innovative solutions that combines learning from different clients and sectors.

    Our Strategist/Consultant is available to help solve ongoing business related problems and explore opportunities in constantly evolving digital landscape

    Whether it’s use of Machine Learning/AI techniques or use of Open Source softwares, we can help you make the best use of the latest technology and help you drive efficiency in business processes online.

    We would rather make friends out of business than make business out of friends. We provide all sorts of reports so that the clients know about the tangible results that matter most to them.

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