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Who Are We

We are a UK based small boutique digital marketing agency providing online marketing services to different clients since 2009

Our Mission

iMedia Crafts aims to use technology and data to transform user experience and business models.

What We Do

Our team of experts specialise in digital strategy, data analysis, online marketing and user experience.

Our History

iMedia Crafts Ltd was established in UK in year 2009 and we have been constantly improving user experience and digital marketing communication for our clients. With focus on data and analytics, we not only constantly improve customer acquisition and retention for our clients but also our own services. We have expertise in variety of industries and have worked with clients of all sizes. Our strength lies in combining business acumen with technical expertise.

Our 6-D Process


Every business is unique and we start with better understanding of client’s business model and project requirements. We also discover the user needs that need to be met before the convert.


A good strategy require not only clear goals and objectives but also better understanding of constraints. We use our own ‘User Expectation Modelling’ techniques to make sure that the solution meets the requirements.


We design solutions that meets the requirements of different stakeholders including IT, Finance and end user. This includes wireframing, concept visualisation and other techniques specific to type of project.


iMedia Crafts takes a technology agnostic approach and uses latest technology that best fits the business requirements, including integration between different systems.


We work with all stakeholders to make sure that the end result meets the key requirements. We do though testing and make sure that the solution meets the requirements.


We provide ongoing support, consulting and training in all important areas of e-business e.g. technology, data analysis, content development and marketing.

Why Choose Us?

We take a holistic approach and our strategy is aimed at optimising what matters most to your specific business whether it’s increasing profit/ROI, reaching more customer or building brand awareness.

We constantly collect and analyse data in order to build insights, improve User Experience, make marketing campaigns more effective and improve conversions on the website. We use advanced data analysis techniques including Machine Learning, Process Mining, Business Intellegence and Web Analytics etc.

We have strong focus on ROI for our clients on every project and use technology and techniques that best fit the specific marketing objectives and business model.

Our team of experts have years of experience in different domains and industries. We are therefore able to deliver innovative solutions that combines learning from different clients and sectors.

Our Strategist/Consultant is available to help solve ongoing business related problems and explore opportunities in constantly evolving digital landscape

Whether it’s use of Machine Learning/AI techniques or use of Open Source softwares, we can help you make the best use of the latest technology and help you drive efficiency in business processes online.

We would rather make friends out of business than make business out of friends. We provide all sorts of reports so that the clients know about the tangible results that matter most to them.


that are sustainable

At iMedia Crafts Ltd, we aim to explore alternatives and provide solutions that not only meet today’s business challenges but also exploit tomorrow’s opportunities. We therefore constantly invest in latest technology and in developing skills of our team.

Find New Customers

From website development to digital marketing and data analysis, we constantly find new ways to acquire customers

Serve Existing Customers better

With strong focus on end User Experience, we design and develop user journeys that create the ‘wow’ factor and builds brand loyality

Analyse results and Grow

You can’t ‘see’ your online customers but we make sure that you have strong and reliable data and help you make informed decisions. Decisions that effect ROI and even sustainability of your business.

Come meet us up close

Every one of our team members is devoted to delivering high standards of service.


Founder, Digital Strategist

Praveen has over a decade of digital marketing experience with clients in different industries. He has worked with brands like AOL, Sahara Global, Incredible Holidays and many others.

Sonal Dhillon

Digital Project Manager

Sonal translates concepts and requirements into good solutions and manages the delivery of a wide range of digital projects. Sonal is passionate about internet marketing, open source technologies and people.


Ravi Dutt

UX Designer & Developer

An engineer with Masters degree, Ravi specialises in front-end development and is passionate about usability and user experience. His work has helped many of our clients engage their website user better and drive commercial results.



PHP Developer

Tarun is a PHP developer with specialisation in e-commerce solutions. He has strong knowledge of open source technologies, databases and payment gateways.

the future is near

We are constantly investing in research, innovation and skills so that our clients stay ahead of their competitors. We constantly review industry trends and follow best practices so that we continue delivering outstanding results. Please get in touch to discuss how we can help your business grow at a faster rate.

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