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We believe learning is a two-way process and we are therefore always open to discussing new ideas and projects. 

Strategy & Planning

From an audit of the current situation to competitor analysis and business forecasting under different scenarios – we formulate digital strategy based on solid data, industry insights and domain expertise. Data lies at the heart of all major decisions and apart from traditional Business Intelligence (BI) and Web Analytics approaches,  we also use Machine Learning/Artificial Intelligence to find patterns in the data and use them to improve website and campaign performance. 

Website Development

We put User Experience and service design at the heart of our website development process. We design website that not only look pretty but are also optimised for conversions…be it sales, leads, improved user engagement or any other business objective. 

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Digital Marketing

We offer cross channel marketing solutions that optimise return on investment (ROI) specific to advertising spend. We believe that impressions, clicks and all other traditional metrics are important but our focus remain on performance and delivering tangible results. We constantly track and analyse marketing campaign data so that advertising budget is spent in the best possible way. 

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Analytics & Business Intellegence​

Our website and digital marketing plans are always supported by strong data capture and reporting processes so that our clients can keep doing what’s already working while we can exploit new opportunities at the same time.  We track lots of custom information on user behavior and our data analysts constantly analyse marketing campaign and website performance data so that the marketing budget goes where it’s most needed. 

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