Google TagManager Implementation and Support

Keep website tracking tags up-to-date and capture data without having to rely on IT every time by using Google TagManager. We implement Google TagManager (GTM) on your website and help you set-up or migrate tracking tags using best practices. We ensure that you are tracking website conversions, events and other important metrics accurately while avoiding the time-consuming process of hard coding the tags on the website.

Deploy Google and third party tags and allow collaboration with marketing team

Using Google TagManager (GTM), iMedia Crafts can help you standardise the whole process with custom variables, triggers and tag templates so that you can not only keep tracking accurate but also improve collaboration between marketing, IT and other teams. Tagging can get complex – take examples of custom events and e-commerce tracking but that’s also where our expertise can help your organisation stay on track.

Track what matters to your business - easily and without reliance on IT

We help you add and update Google and any other third party tracking codes for conversion tracking, web analytics or remarketing etc. We follow best practices and test tags before they go live which means peace of mind for you and clean and accurate data for whoever need to take decisions based on that. We also help your marketing team help decide what can be tracked and how…so that they are using the right tracking codes in the first place.

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Benefit from iMedia Crafts' experience of implementing Google TagManager on hundreds of websites

We have vast experience of implementing Google TagManager (GTM) and providing support and consulting to organisations in different industries. Our team of experts can help you decide tracking objectives, tags and methodology  so that all stakeholders get the metrics they need and marketing teams can focus on what’s most important to your business. Your also benefit from our related areas of expertise i.e. knowledge of digital marketing processes, Web Analytics tools and website development.

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Strategy & Planning

We plan the whole project in advance, as per your business requirements and our expert's insights.


We follow best practices and make sure that the project is delivered with high standards of service.

Ongoing Support

From organising training programs to monthly reporting, our team of experts is here to help.

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Measurable Results

We provide you with analytics and reports that give you a tangible measure of the results you are getting through our services.

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Working as a team, we ensure that your brand offers the best possible user experience possible online.

Latest Technology

From Business Intellegence to competitor benchmarking and Machine Learning tools, we have access to all tools that you need to stay ahead of the game

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