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Health, Fitness & Wellness

iMedia Crafts provides website development and digital marketing services to Health, Fitness and Wellness Brands. Our team of experts conduct research, analyse latest industry trends, study best practices and identify unique opportunities to position your brand online. We also conduct competitor research to keep our clients ahead of the game and provide consultancy and ongoing support.

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Hotels & Restaurants

Get more bookings from online channels for your hotel or find diners for your restaurant wiht our local marketing. At iMedia Crafts we have developed marketing solutions that meet the specific business objectives for different brands. We know what guests want and can help you better serve them using online channels.

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Manufacturing and Exports

While the internet has made it easy to find products, services and suppliers, it has also created huge competitions for businesses…as the buyers can just go to competitors with click of a mouse. At iMedia Crafts, we can help you serve local as well as find new business in international markets with our digital marketing services.

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From adoption of smart phones to popularity of SAAS models in softwares, internet has transformed how users consume information, make purchasing decisions and select brands they want to buy from. At iMedia Crafts we can not only help you find new customers but also engage and serve them better with our customised digital marketing services.

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Professional Services

With clients having access to all sort of information on the internet, your brand is competing with all sorts of service providers at every stage of buying cycle. Not only can your ex-clients be your brand ambassadors, not serving them properly can mean poor reputation online and lost business. With our digital marketing services, we can help you acquire, retain and serve your clients better.

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B2B and Wholesalers

Internet has allowed business to find suppliers and business partners all across the whole globe and if you are not found, your competitors will benefit. Get your brand visible and build your presence in international markets with our digital marketing services. We have helped many wholesalers and exporters find business in markets both domestic and international.

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E-commerce and Online Retail

Consumers are buying more on the internet and mobile devices has provided them opportunity to do so anytime and from anywhere. While mobile shopping is growing users also rely on multiple channels to find information on products and brands. As you can no longer sell them just by showing more advertising, we at iMedia Crafts can help you with strategy, technology and marketing support so that you can engage users better and turn them not only customers but brand advocates.

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Charities and Not-for-profits

Your charity needs to find donors, volunteers and maintain relationship with other stakeholders and while traditional way of distributing information (e.g. brochures and print ads) have become not only expensive but also largely ineffective, internet can provide reach across different geographies. Be it showcasing your work with videos or recruiting donors with search ads, we can help you make most of digital technologies. Be it creating awareness about the issue, recruiting volunteers or finding donors, our team is here to help with your marketing objective. 

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Banking and Financial Institutions

Artificial Intelligence (AI) and Machine Learning (ML) has given banks and financial institutions unprecedented power for data analysis, finding trends in the data and forecasting possible outcomes. Our data driven digital marketing strategy can give it a further boost and help you acquire, engage and retain customer like never before. We can help you create unique user journeys as well as with deploying real-time campaigns to deliver dynamic content at every phase of the user journey.

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Travel & Tourism

Digital has transformed travel and while it has meant downfall of traditional travel agencies, it has offered new opportunities for tourism business that are ready to embrace technology and offer travelers what they want and when they want it. From content marketing to email marketing, our integrated digital marketing services can help you engage travelers at every step of their user journey and turn them into your brand ambassadors.

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Other Industries/Sectors

We are constantly investing in research, innovation and skills so that our clients stay ahead of their competitors. We constantly review industry trends and follow best practices so that we continue delivering outstanding results. Please get in touch to discuss how we can help your business grow at a faster rate.

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